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1)      在學習、行為、情緒、語言或社交發展上有明顯遲緩或障礙的18歲以下兒童;

2)      該兒童現未有接受公營機構的相關服務;

3)      現正接受綜合援助金之家庭。

How to apply

Through Referral

To simplify application procedures, parents are requested to first obtain referral through governmental or non-governmental organizations, kindergarten, nursery centre or school social workers and teacher and contact us direct for application.

Supporting Documents

Due to limited resources and to ensure that those in needs get the assistance, applicants may be required to provide relevant documentary proof, such as income proof, bank statement and proof of all subsidies currently received. All the information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for application purpose only.

Service Procedures

Upon receipt of an application, we will review all the materials to determine eligibility for assistance based on the requirements listed above. Families qualifying for services will be invited to our centre; and upon needed, a short-term paediatric diagnosis and assessment or occupational therapy services (limited to 4 sessions) will be offered at half price.

Service available from Monday to Thursday only. (Regarding services offered, sessions and duration, Links Child Development Centre's decision is final.)

Please contact us for additional information about our services.


Tel: 3111 1855   

Fax: 2377 0968



Application Form:資助服務

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