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透過引導兒童了解自己的覺醒狀態(Arousal state), 以運用有效的感覺活動作自我調節, 以提昇及維持良好的專注狀態去進行專注、言語溝通及社交訓練, 從而加強訓練成效並促進兒童之學習基礎能力。

Stay Alert Social Star
Stay Alert Social Star


Friday, 3:45-5:45 pm



報名表格 : 請按此 

- English speaking integrated training: Sensory processing, attention, fine motor, language, and social communication training group

🔸Day & Time:Friday, 3:45-5:45 pm

🔸Age: 4 – 7 years old

🔸No. of participants: Max of 6 participants

🔸Instructors: Occupational Therapist & Speech Therapist

🔸Language of instruction: English

🔸Fee: $3240 per four session course (payment needs to be made prior to the commencement of each course)

🌱Training goals:

⭐️Sensory integrative training aims to improve:

1. sensory processing ability so as to promote state and emotional regulation which is essential for learning and social interaction.

2. motor coordination

⭐️Attention/fine motor training aims to improve:

1. sustained, selective, alternating and divided attention

2. processing of visual and auditory information

3. pre-writing skills

4. behavioral control and executive function

⭐️Language and social communication training aims to improve:

1. vocabularies accuracy, diversity and usage.

2. expression and sentences organization

3. comprehension of commands and more abstract information.

4. social skills, such as cooperating with peers and resolving social problems.


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