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Individual Psychological and Family Counseling - Kowloon Branch

Target: Adults, parents, primary and secondary school students



Fee: session (60 minutes)

旺角中心 (報名表格在課程詳細資料內)


Programme Aims:

Counseling is a process of self-discovery and growth. By establishing trustful and therapeutic relationship with the client, the counselor helps one to better understand and accept his or herself with an open mind, as well as figure out ways to positively and actively cope with obstacles and challenges in everyday life. Our counselor also assists individual to discover his or her own potentials and develop different perspectives. With the help of the professional roles, one grows into the person that he or she wants to be, stepping forward to harmonious interpersonal relationships and a fruitful life.

Service Overview:

Counseling: Personal growth, emotional management, family relationship, parent-child communication, marital and pre-marital counseling etc.

Psychotherapy: Depression, anxiety disorder etc.

Parent Education: Children and adolescents development, parenting etc.

Target: Adults, parents, primary and secondary school students

Counsellor: Ms. Maggie Choy (Senior Counsellor, Registered Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist)

Fee: $1040/ session (60 minutes)


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